Ann Lewis : Art
Reading March 6th, 2019, Amherst Books, 2017
I will be reading with Aurelie Sheehan and Larry Sheehan. Aurelie has a new book out, Once Into the Night. Hope you can make it!
Recent Sale
Vamp and Tramp Booksellers just sold my book, Winter: Life Under Wraps, to Baylor University Library.
82 Review
A selection from my one-of-a-kind book "Winter Under Wraps" is included in the latest issue of this art and literature magazine, online and print editions!
To-go Library

I'm currently working on a series of hidden-fold books housed in metal file boxes or To-go Libraries (large and small). Each library is alphabetically organized, each book loosely referring to the given letter in the sequence. The cumulative result is a catalog of daily reflections and visual/textual puns. I am using a simple book structure that is readily available to anyone with a sheet of paper and a sharp X-Acto blade. I relish this non-fussy, accessible approach to book-making. "To-go" refers to this accessible and portable nature of small, tactile, intriguing books.